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CTI Mission Statement:

The mission of the Carteret Technical Institute is to offer adult residents of Carteret New Jersey practical training and education in various fields that are in high demand by local and national employers. To meet the needs of the citizens of Carteret, the Carteret Technical Institute focuses on providing programs in technological, vocational, and occupational training. Emphasis will be placed of workforce development skills. In pursuit of its mission, the Carteret Technical Institute partners with Carteret Mayor Daniel J. Reiman, the Carteret Business Partnership, and the Carteret Public Library in order to provide accessible educational opportunities on a scholarship basis. As the Carteret Technical Institute is funded through grants from the Carteret Business Partnership, applicants seeking placement in the programs are accepted on a scholarship basis and all students must sign and adhere to the policies of the Carteret Technical Institute program.

In order for the Carteret Technical Institute to provide vital vocational and economic opportunities for adults, the Carteret Technical Institute has established the following goals:
Goal 1: Student Success
Carteret Technical Institute will provide students with an advanced and dynamic learning environment through policies, curricula, instruction, and support services that are responsive to their needs and the needs of potential employers.
Goal 2: Workforce Development
Carteret Technical Institute will promote economic growth, job creation, and entrepreneurship through educational partnerships that provide students with the skills necessary for success in a modern and diverse economy. Future partnerships will include other business, industry and community leaders.
Goal 3: Skills and Development
The Carteret Technical Institute will provide students with opportunities to develop and upgrade essential skills for lifelong learning and the workplace development through flexible, accessible, and customized educational and training programs.
Goal 4: Program Expansion, Revision, and Extension
The Carteret Technical Institute will continuously explore and research new learning opportunities that will build upon successful programs. New avenues for training and learning will also be explored.

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