CTI will offer, on a scholarship basis, free and extensive training programs for adults who live in Carteret New Jersey

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What does CTI offer?

The Carteret Technical Institute is a program created by a partnership between Mayor Daniel J. Reiman, the Carteret Business Partnership, the Carteret Public Library, and the Carteret Office of Information Technology.

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What is CTI?

All classes and labs take place at Carteret Public Library Learning Lab annex in the Deverin Center at 100 Cooke Avenue, Carteret, NJ on the second floor.

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Where do classes take place?
When do classes take place?

The current program offers classes limited to ten students for a training period of three months. Classes are held 3 times a week. Thursdays and Fridays 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Saturdays 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. 

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At this time the first training program will focus on preparing students to become successful IT Support Specialists. Upon successful completion, students will receive an IT Support Specialist certification (ITSS) from CTI, an A+ certification from Comptia, and a Microsoft Technical Associate certification (MTA). 

What programs does CTI Offer?

IT support specialists provides technical support for a companies, organization’s customers, or their employer’s staff. They use computer software and equipment to assist them in providing advice and help to their employer and their employee’s. They carry a variety of titles such as technical support specialist, information technology specialist (IT specialists), computer technician, and several others.

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What Does an IT Support Specialist Do?
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Who may apply?

Applicants must be residents of the Borough of Carteret. Applicants must have graduated high school. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age prior to the start of the class.

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Why must I take an evaluation?

Due to the intense technical nature of the CTI program, scholarship winners must display a moderate degree of pre-existing technical knowledge. The CTI Program is not an introduction to computers class. Rather it is an intense boot-camp style program to immerse tech savvy students in advanced computer topics that will prepare them for a job in the IT field related to computer technicians.