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Fixing a Computer
Advantages of Certifications
  • Certification gives you credibility, industry recognition, and the best alternative for experience that helps you get a job with no experience in the IT field.

  • Employers trust and feel more confident in hiring people who are certified by companies such as CompTIA and Microsoft.

  • In general, certified people start a job with higher salary even without any experience.

  • It substitutes and complements college degree.

  • Certification offers a means for companies to match candidates to job requirements.

Most, if not all, employers need technologists

Nowadays, you’ll rarely come across an employer that does not require IT personnel. The COVID pandemic has completely transformed the way businesses function. With so much of the workforce working remotely through the use of a technology, the technical support industry is seeing a large increase in demand. The crucial point here is that tech vacancies exist across most industries and it's a trend that is here to stay.

Great Opportunities For Growth

There are many different facets of an IT department, which often provides people with a lot of growth opportunities. Whether it’s moving up to a higher position, or going from one area of IT to another, there’s a range of interesting career paths you could take.

CompTIA A+ & Microsoft MTA Certifications

CompTIA is an established certification authority that provides internationally recognized certifications for professionals working in all fields of IT. Certifications like CompTIA IT Fundamentals and A+ are the leading industry standard for positions like IT help-desk and desktop support. Technicians entering the workforce with a combination of both these certifications will be armed with the appropriate tools for a lasting successful career.

Industry Trends

Companies continue to struggle in finding the skills they need, even for day-to-day operations. As companies increasingly push the envelope of technology in order to gain competitive advantage, it opens the door wider for career mobility.

"Trends in the Information Technology sector"

The U.S. leads the global landscape in technology innovation. The country’s competitive edge, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Competitive Index, is due to its business dynamism, strong institutional pillars, financing mechanisms, and vibrant innovation ecosystem.

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