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Advantages of Certifications
  • Certification gives you credibility, industry recognition, and best alternate for experience thus helps you get a job with no experience in the IT field.

  • Employers trust and feel more confident in hiring people who are certified by companies such as CompTIA and Microsoft.

  • In general, certified people start a job with higher salary even without any experience.

  • It substitutes and complements college degree.

  • Certification offers a means to companies to match candidates to job requirements.

Most, if not all, employers need technologists

Nowadays, you’ll rarely come across an employer that doesn’t require IT personnel. Businesses with a small IT function may only need one or two employees, while big businesses may need a team of up to and over one hundred, but the crucial point here is that tech vacancies exist across a range of industries.

Great Opportunities For Growth

There are many different facets of an IT department, which often provides people with a lot of growth opportunities. Whether it’s moving up to a higher position, or going from one area of IT to another, there’s a range of interesting career paths you could take.

CompTIA A+ & Microsoft MTA Certifications

CompTIA is an established certification authority that provides internationally recognized certifications for professionals working in all fields of IT. Certifications like CompTIA IT Fundamentals and A+ are the leading industry standard for positions like IT help-desk and desktop support. Technicians entering the workforce with a combination of both these certifications will be armed with the appropriate tools for a lasting successful career.

Industry Trends
"$3.5 Trillion in 2016"

The global IT industry surpassed $3.4 trillion in 2016, according to the research consultancy IDC. If growth expectations materialize, the industry will push past the $3.5 trillion mark in the year ahead (Source: IDC).

"New York City Skills Gap Report"

The first report released is focused on New York City and reveals that there are increasing opportunities for middle-skill jobs seekers in the healthcare and tech sectors.